Up Close & Personal

The directors about being part of  Nordic Factory:

“In the Nordic Factory I have had the privilege of getting to know seven colleagues from around the world and to share the same experience and to learn with them. It is not so often that directors gather and talk about directing and directing alone. During these past few weeks we have discovered that we share the same kinds of perceptions and ideas, same dreams and challenges. Never before have I been so happy about other directors’ successes in their work as during this workshop. The language of the cinema is very much alive and it is indeed universal.”

Selma Vilhunen


“Directors occupy a unique position from which they create a personal “world” as well as the required means to accomplish it. The Nordic Factory imposed the eight directors one part of their “world” to be created and the means to be used. What did they have to do then? Investing this unique time and space to develop their own creativity and skills in filmmaking. Isn’t it luxury? I liked getting to know more with foreign ways of working, dealing artfully with limitations, overcoming the uncommon intensity of this process of filmmaking, achieving personal goals and first of all codirecting in a permanent joy with Selma. For me, the Nordic Factory is one undeniable professional working stage.”

Guillaume Mainguet


“Nordic Factory was an intense experience where I had the opportunity to meet and work with inspiring people from all over the world. I felt I had complete artistic freedom and great support from both my co-directors and the talented people in charge.”

Milad Alami


“Nordic Factory gave me a unique chance to write and direct a story that takes place in an unknown country to me. I started to explore Denmark and its people through the characters of our film. Just like them, I took the ferry trip to Bornholm, in search for something, past or future.”

Aygul Bakanova


“There is your comfort zone and then there is where the magic happens. Guess where I am now.”

Hamy Ramezan


“Our experience here has been intense to say the least. Being part of the Nordic Factory has given me the confidence to explore, question, challenge, in ways I hadn’t before and it’s made me become a far, far better filmmaker for it…really. The solidarity we built among all of the Directors and our Producers in this process is something I will always, always treasure.” Natotela! (thank you!)

Rungano Nyoni


“Nordic Factory has been a great experience. It has been really inspiring to get so close to seven directors from very different cultural backgrounds and listen to all their stories about how they make films in their own countries. And I can only say the same about directing a film together with Natalia. It has been fantastic and I am ready to do another one.”

Kraesten Kusk


“On a personal level, the Nordic Factory was a space where I was truly able to explore different processes, on the creative as well as on the production side. I was lucky to share this road with both talented and inspiring directors and colleagues. Moreover, it was a true satisfaction to work alongside Kresten Kusk to whom I’ll be eternally thankful for his generosity. A big thanks and congratulations to the production team, who made us feel at home everyday and steered the whole project in the best direction.”

Natalia Garagiola



Aygul Bakanova & Milad Alami

Natalia Garagiola & Kresten Kusk